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Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts and Commands

Main Window

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Purpose
s With a packet selected in the Messages window, sends packet to Dispatchers Display, and advances to the next packet. Can be held down to rapidly scroll through a series of packets, for instance, if you reset the dispatchers display.

Dispatchers Display

Keyboard Commands

Key Purpose
PgUp (Page Up) Zoom In display
PgDn (Page Down) Zoom Out display

Mouse Commands

Action Purpose
Left click, MCP Name Open the Indication Mnemonic Maintenance window for the clicked station.
Center click, MCP Name Open an MCP Data plot for the clicked station.
Right click, MCP Name Open the Control Mnemonic Maintenance window for the clicked station.
Mouse pointer hover Hover over a track/station element to see the mnemonics defined for the item under the mouse pointer. For instance, hovering the mouse over a signal will pop-up a tool-tip that may read something like "P:1EG/1NW".
Left click, track element Clear (or possibly set) the indication for the clicked item. For instance, clicking on an occupied (red) block will clear the block back to white. Clicking on a signal will toggle it's state between Proceed and Stop. This functionality is provided to clear out "junk" that may accumulate on the dispatchers display from MCPs that are slightly out of range, etc. Note that NOTHING is sent to field devices when doing this, that's technically impossible. See the Frequently Asked Questions.

Data Plot Keyboard Commands

Key Purpose