Track Occupancy

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Track Occupancy Indications

ATCS Monitor uses colors to indicate track status:

  • White - empty track
  • Green - track authorized
  • Red - track occupied
  • Grey - track is a dark section
  • Blue - sometimes appears when dispatcher has given work crew time-and-track

Other forms of occupancy have been suggested:

  • Inverted occupancy - train is upside down (not to be used to indicate coal unloading at power plants)
  • Converted occupancy - railroad has been sold to a foreign government
  • Diverted occupancy - train is really on a different track
  • Perverted occupancy - track is leased to a weirdo
  • Subverted occupancy - CIA-owned train is operating
  • Transverted occupancy - engines are operating on a-c
  • Reverted occupancy - bank has foreclosed on railroad
  • Introverted occupancy - train never leaves home rails
  • Extroverted occupancy - head end is always hooking up with foreign power
  • Existential occupancy - train questions whether it's real: Signal is red; therefore I am

-- BillTheOther - 2010-01-24