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The question was raised regarding whether the size of the database matters for performance. This article addresses that.

The ATCSdb.mdb (main database) does not get loaded into memory at application start, so it should not cause slow app starts or performance issues. In a brief test, here were my results:

  • DB size 9700k pre-compression with 12000 total MCPs, the ATCSMon.exe process ran at 6100k in memory at start (9500 after a few minutes of active monitoring...climbs because of my settings for messages counts, etc as it processes let's just deal with startup).
  • Compressed the DB using ATCS Monitor to size 2500k with same number of MCPs. Process ran at 6100k at start.
  • Restored original DB, deleted all but ~100 addresses, size still 9700k. Process ran at 6100k at start.
  • Compressed ~100 address DB, size now 2600k. Process ran at 6100k at start.

Note: While using the Configure MCP Information button before compression or deleting most MCPs (db size 9700k), the memory usage skyrocketed to 36000k while the MCP Information dialog was open, and dropped to 19000k after closing it, still much higher than at startup. After deletion down to ~100 addresses AND performing database compression to 2500k, the memory usage increased only to 6200k while MCP Information dialog was open and similar after closing it.

So in summary:

  • Database size doesn't appear to affect memory use under everyday usage.
  • Memory used is a small fraction of total memory for most computers under everyday usage.
  • If you use Configure MCP Information function, the memory usage shoots up significantly. Close the app and come back in afterwards to back it down again.
  • Compressing the database and/or getting rid of unused MCP information ONLY helps if you plan to use the Configure MCP Information function.
  • While I can't see any difference in application start times between large and small database sizes, I can't see how it would take any longer if the database is larger, since nothing more is getting loaded into memory at start!
  • As has been preached several times before, the biggest impact for memory usage is to try to keep your messages counts settings low in the 3 places in the Configuration setttings.
  • If you're not compressing the database after deleting the unused MCPs from it, you're realizing no gain whatsoever.

-- Main.GaryHahn - 01 Aug 2009