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Welcome to the ATCS Monitor Wiki Documentation Project

NEW ATCS MONITOR USERS: Click here to get started!

This site is a collaboration by many users of ATCSMon to aid in providing documentation about the software, and its use. It is NOT where to download the software. In the spirit of Wiki, the documentation is allowed to be edited by anyone at anytime. Version control is maintained, so that changes can be rolled-back if necessary. Would you like to contribute to the ATCSMon documentation?

(Link to ATCS Monitor Group --Yahoo group membership and login are required to download ATCS Monitor and related files.)

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions (over and over and over again) in the ATCSMon Yahoo Group. If you're a new user, take a look and see if your question is answered here before posting to the group.

1.0 Getting Started

NEW ATCS MONITOR USERS: Here are the links you'll want to check out first to get started monitoring internet feeds. Pick the method based on your PC skill level and start there...before giving up, check the other links. Not all content is duplicated between methods. After consulting each guide, if you are still stumped, please post a question to the Yahoo group message board, but please be very specific about what step of which guide you are having trouble with. If the problem paragraph has a number like 1.2.3, include that in your query.

If you want to read more, there's a comprehensive Beginners User Guide.pdf guide for beginners on the ATCS Yahoo group site as a .pdf file. You'll be leaving this Wiki, so don't forget to come back for lots more information.

You'll also find a section of this Wiki that has Frequently Asked Questions that try to answer some of the common things members ask.

1.1 Quick Start Guide (PC Pros)

  • Quick Start Guide - Brief steps for getting it running, for those pretty comfortable with the PC and its file operations.

1.2 Overview Instructions (PC Amateurs)

1.3 Detailed Instructions (PC Novices)

Go through all 3 documents, in the order shown, for those with novice PC skills.

1.4 Helpful Videos (for just about everyone)

Videos by Michael Phillips walk you through putting files in the right places, creating a .ini file, and setting up the MCP files and the dispatcher's display:

2.0 Introduction

3.0 User Guide

4.0 Field Monitoring by Radio

5.0 Layouts for Displays

6.0 Running a Server

7.0 Troubleshooting

8.0 Advanced ATCS Monitor Topics

9.0 Stupid Pet Tricks