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1.1 Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide is a brief set of instructions on how to start using ATCS Monitor, intended for those confident with PC skills including PC file manipulation. Exceptions exist with varying territories.

1.1.1 Install ATCS Monitor

  1. Download and install ATCS Mon by going to the Files area of the ATCSMon Group:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ATCS_Monitor/files/ (an underscore is hiding after ATCS)

Click on "Application"
Click on and download "ATCSMonNNN.exe" (where NNN is the current version)
  1. Run "ATCSMonNNN.exe" to install

1.1.2 Watch a Layout

1.1.2a Watch the Default Layout

ATCS Mon comes with a default layout. To just watch it operate:
  1. Launch ATCS Monitor
  2. Go to File->Load Profile and select "atcsmon.ini" to load the Metrolink layout
  3. Go to View->Dispatcher Display to see the pretty graphics
Never seen one before? Here's a brief explanation.

1.1.2b Watch a Different Published Layout

The following is a short How-To on getting starting by monitoring an area that's not included with ATCS Monitor by default. This will show you the Files area of the Yahoo! Group and how to load an easy sub. Note, however, not all zip files include the INI files, so those are out of this scope.

  1. Download the files for monitoring the UP Geneva Sub (for example):
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ATCS_Monitor/files/ (underscore after ATCS)
Click on "Data Files"
Click on "UP"
Click on "Chicago Service Unit"
Click on and download "UP Geneva Sub.zip"
  1. Unzip to a new folder the zip file you just downloaded:
    • In XP, unzip natively by right-clicking and selecting "Extract All"
    • In other Windows versions, unzip using a program like 7zip (donation requested) or WinZip (not free)
  1. Copy all .MDB and .MCP files to the C:\Program Files\ATCS Monitor\MCPs folder
  2. Copy all .INI files to the C:\Program Files\ATCS Monitor folder
  3. In the ATCS Monitor menus, click on Configure->MCP Information, then click Import, then choose the MDB or MCP files you just saved
  4. Copy the .LAY file to the C:\Program Files\ATCS Monitor\Layouts folder
  5. Launch ATCS Monitor
  6. Go to File->Load Profile
  7. Select "UP Geneva Sub Server.ini"
  8. Press the "Play" button (4th icon from the left) if you're not already getting data
  9. Go to View->Dispatcher Display if it's not already showing
You should see lots of information flying by, and if everything went right, the Dispatcher display should be up and busy too. (Adapted from a 2008 group post by "Mike".)
-- Main.GaryHahn - 03 Nov 2008
-- Numbering: BillTheOther - 02 Dec 2008