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How to report bugs

When requesting assistance or submitting problem reports, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Before you report a bug, please read the release notes for the last few months.

2. Report only problems with the current release.

3. Always include the operating system and MDAC version information found in the "Help | About ATCS Monitor" dialog. If the problem appears to be the result of an upgrade, include the version you are upgrading from, as well as the upgrade method.

4. In order to fix a bug, it will be necessary to reproduce it here. If the problem can be recreated at will, describe the exact sequence of steps from program start-up necessary to reproduce the problem. If the problem occurs sporadically, please note any commonality in the operating curcumstances during which it occurs. If you are running a dispatcher display, turn it off ("Actions | Stop Dispatcher Display") and see if the problem re-occurs.

5. If the problem can be reproduced only with a given logfile, layout, etc., please post the ATCSdb, logfile, layout, and profile files to the temporary files area for analysis.

6. Please do not say that it "didn't work" or "crashed". If there is an error message, include it, even if you do not understand it. If the program terminates with an operating system error, say which. If nothing at all happens or the program appears to hang, say so. If the program output does not meet your expectations, describe your results in detail.

7. If a problem is posted that you may have experienced, (and possibly solved), please share your information with the group.

(originally by Dave Houy, reprinted from Yahoo Groups)