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*Connection error 11004. Valid name, no data record of requested type.*

Usually occurs as a user error while copying/pasting into the IP Address or Hostname field of Configure->Options->Data Source. Any leftover characters such as leading or trailing spaces will generate this error and cause the connection to fail. Carefully backspace or delete extra spaces and double-check your typing.

Do not take "valid name" to imply that DNS found this name, it just means that the application can read this field (but it doesn't realize the space or other character should not be used).

  • Update: * The issue of extraneous trailing spaces has been addressed in version 3.6.3 and later, so upgrade from that, if you have not.

Also be sure that if someone mentions a server as being, that you put only into the address field, and 4800 into the Port field. The colon should be discarded.

-- Main.GaryHahn - 03 Mar 2007