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Q:  Looking at the CSX BCP system today, I noticed the following message, what is it?:

2006/10/27 20:41:42

???? Datagram (1) to Wayside Device (5)

Frame=34 GFI=2 Group=5 SSeq=16 Rseq=78 Beacon=0 Vital=0 UsrData =16


4C A1 55 33 00 00 20 02 04 C4 02 04 01 00 02 10 L.U3.. .........

A: It seems that on occasion ATCS allows some corrupted messages through, or perhaps they are malformed when they leave the tower. In either case I'll bet the address associated with this was 5 digits, which is how ATCS Monitor IDs the packet as an EOT output. Normally that's the only way to get a 5 digit address in ATCS Monitor.

-- GaryHahn - 06 Nov 2006