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Message: "Connection is forcefully rejected"

This means that there is no server at the address you are trying to connect to. It could be that the server is just down. Or it could be that you mistyped the port or got the address wrong.

Note: If you are trying to set up a server and you get this from your test client, it could be that you don't have the firewall TCP port forwarded properly, or perhaps you didn't set the server Deny/Permit settings properly. See the section on NetworkConsiderations in the Server Setup section of the Wiki.

Message: "Valid name, no data record of requested type"

This means that there is no such server name out there. Check for wrong or extra characters in the server entry, such as spare spaces or periods.

Firewalls And Proxies

If you appear to connect but then receive no data, or if you don't connect at all, it could be that you are trying to monitor from behind a firewall that does not allow access to these ATCS Servers.  For the most part, home computers with cable, DSL, or other broadband internet won't have a problem, but many firewalls at corporate sites will not allow access. It pays to try to disable your firewall software, if you are using any.

-- Main.GaryHahn - 03 Nov 2008