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Or Occupancy (xOK)


As with the BlockOccupancy the OrOccupancy is another special case to indicate an occupied block that is between two interlockings (MCPs). At least in the east (CSXT and NS) the OK block seems to correlate to actual field conditions in Electrocode territory, notably in cases where each MCP has an AK and the need to show a third block as well. However, this is also sometimes observed in cases where there is one shared block between two MCP's particularly MCP's that are in/near yards or terminals.


In the Electrocode example with three blocks between TK's:

A:TK     A:RAK    A-B:OK   B:LAK    B:TK

In the "shared" approach block example:

A:TK     A-B:OK    B:TK

Also note that you can use OK's in the "shared" example in cases where you want to condense the field blocks to fit more track into a layout, basically to show a block as occupied when the field AK bit is high (on) for either interlocking.


In Track Builder, create a single block between the MCP's. In the block properties name it :O (or if there are two tracks, :1O and :2O, and then identify the stations to it's left and right (e.g. A and B). Note that there is no station letter before the colon in the block "remote monitor name".

-- Main.JAlexLang - 22 Mar 2008