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Raw Data Window

Accessible from View -> Raw Data Window. The Raw Data Window shows the "raw" decoded data being feed into ATCSMon, this is usually used for exploring new protocols or troubleshooint existing ones. Most people will never use this window. RawDataWindow.jpg

Dispatcher Display

Accessible from View -> Dispatchers Display. We all know what this is. :)

Connection Window

Accessible from View -> Connection Window. The Connections Window show what server(s) you are connected to.


Message Type Details

Accessible from View -> Message Type Details. The Message Type Details window serves as a quick reference to the various message types, and their purpose.


Server Log

Accessible from View -> Server Log. The Server Log Window looks similar to the Connections window. This option is only available if you are running in server mode, and have "Enable server connection logging" in Option -> General.


Analyze Signal

Accessible from View -> Analyze Signal or using the green sine-wave button on the tool bar. The first three images below show a good signal level. Notice that the window will look different based on which protocol the application is decoding. You want to pay attention to the upper wave form in the display. You can adjust it using the slider at the bottom of the window.

AnalyzeSignalWindow ATCS.JPG

AnalyzeSignalWindow ARES.jpg

AnalyzeSignalWindow genisys.jpg

The following two images all show problems with the signal level.

The first image shows to little signal/volume. This could either be because the slider is turned down all the way, or you don't have the scanner hooked up, (or tapped) correctly. In this image there isn't a scanner hooked up, so ATCSMon is picking up background noise through the built-in microphone.

AnalyzeSignalWindow NoSignal.jpg

This is a good example of too much signal. You can see that the signal is "clipping" giving you flat spots on the top and bottom wave form. It's possible that you may still get decoded packets, however, you'll see higher error rates then with a properly adjusted signal.

AnalyzeSignalWindow TooMuchSignal.jpg