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Power Outage (P0K)


A P0K is in reality a POK to signal maintainer, we use P0K (P-Zero-K) to maintain combatibility with using an "O" (letter O) as a Logical OR (see: MnemonicLogicalOR for more details). A P0K indication is sent when the commercial power is unavailable and the station is running on batteries (or some other backup power source). You'll usually see these during thunderstorms, or if you listen to a scanner you can also catch these when a signal maintainer is "checking batteries".


Indicates a commercial power outage at a station. Typically displayed on a layout using ActiveText to display a ligtning bolt. An example of the ActiveText is (using WebDings) is:


Note: A ~ in Webdings is a lightning bolt.

-- Main.BrianSwan - 25 Oct 2006

Somehow for the NS Harrisburg Division we started using PFK for Power Failure, though POK is the accepted standard for this.

-- Main.JAlexLang - 22 Mar 2008