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Prior Knowledge Required

ATCS Monitor is a complex program, and can be daunting to new users. However, with some patience, and a little help from friends, you should be able to get comfortable with the application after using it for a little while. Having patience, using this Wiki, and not being afraid to ask questions is key to your success.

At a minimum, you should be comfortable with:

  • Installing software on Windows
  • Copying/moving files around your hard drive
  • Downloading files from the Internet
  • Using Windows XP or WinZip (or similar) to decompress files

Helpful to get you up-and-running quicker, but not required:

  • Experience with radio and/or scanner equipment
  • Being able to modify electronics (with instructions)
  • Experience with radio antenna systems
  • General understanding/knowledge of computer networks

You'll be up and running in no time if you have all of the above plus:

  • Knowledge of Railroad signal systems, and how they function
  • Prior knowledge of GlossaryOfTerms systems
  • A close friend who has already been running ATCSMon for a while :)

-- Main.BrianSwan - 27 Oct 2006