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Some layouts use WingDings (a font where little graphic icons represent the keyboard characters typed) to readily show ActiveText statuses like snow melter (a snowflake) and power out indications (a lightning bolt).

Pre version 3.8.0: If you are seeing this sort of stuff all jumbled together, obscuring portions of the layout and possibly making station names disappear, you might be missing some fontsrequired by that layout.

Version 3.8.0 and up: If you are getting a warning message when you open a layout, you are warned that you are missing specific fonts required by that layout.

One commonly used font that is missing on some computers is Century Gothic. You will need to find and install this font to see the station names correctly. One way to get the font is to install Microsoft Word.

In some cases, you may be missing the WingDings font sets, usually available by installing Microsoft Word. You may need Wingdings1, Wingdings2, and Wingdings3. Normally these are found in C:\Windows\Fonts, so you might be able to borrow these from another computer. There may be software license restrictions regarding your use of fonts.