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Troubleshooting the ATCS Monitor Application

Troubleshooting topics are loosely organized here, but perhaps the best way to find your issue is to search.


Main Window

  • EOTOnATCS - Why is there a 5 digit address with an EOT message when I'm listening to ATCS?
  • ConnectionError11004 - Connection Error 11004: Valid name, no data record of requested type
  • TrackBuilderToolBarFails - Why an error occurs when selecting the Track Builder tool from the toolbar

Dispatcher Display

  • StationNamesBlurry - Why the display station names appear blurry or doubled on some computers
  • WingdingMess - Why there's all sorts of junk characters or Wingdings on the display

Monitoring Internet Servers

  • NoDataComingIn - Getting the blank stare from your GettingStartedOverview session?

Server Operation


  • CapturingNotStarting - Why "Begin Capture on Startup" doesn't seem to work.
  • SlowPerformanceOverTime - One reason the application or whole PC can become slow after monitoring for a few hours.
  • DatabaseSize - Impact on performance and why it pays to compress the database periodically
  • LockupAtFirstStart - Why the application or whole PC seems to lock up when starting a remote monitoring session.
  • GriffiniMicWin98 - Windows 98 requires a patch to make the iMic work properly

-- GaryHahn - 01 Nov 2006